Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A quick flan case dessert

I  use ready-made flan case to make this quick dessert filled with custard, banana or pineapple or any fruit you like, topped with whipped cream . First of all put a couple of tablespoons of coke or any fizzy drink on the flan so that it can be a bit soft. Then add some thick custard (you can use any good quality ready-made custard) and add one banana sliced evenly. Decorate the top with whipped cream (fresh double cream) and grated chocolate. Chill until ready to serve. The whole process takes only 8 to 10 minutes but it tastes really good alhamdulillah.

Cheesecake recipe

Recently I did eid lunch at my place. Alhamdulillah we all had a great time. Some of the sisters asked me how I made the cheesecake. As I mentioned earlier, I get the Greens cheesecake mix (pictured left) and add whatever I like . If you like white chocolate you can grate or make curls with a vegetable peeler. Otherwise you can make some rich chocolate sauce and add it with the creamy mixture at the top. If you like fruits then you can add some strawberries or raspberries . It's very easy and anyone can make it.You can get the mix from any supermarket Insha-Allah. So enjoy !

Friday, 2 October 2009

Let us love Allah swt more than anything else!

I would like to share with you a beautiful Hadith Qudsi which says a lot about our relationship with our lord Allah swt, subhanallah.

“Myself, Mankind and Jinn are in a great serious state. I create them, then they worship other gods that they make for themselves; I bless them with my bounties, then they thank someone else for what I sent them; My Mercy descends to them while their evil deeds ascend to Me; I endear them with my gifts even though I have no need for any of them while they alienate themselves from Me with their sins even though they are desperate for My help.

Whoever returns to Me, I accept him no matter how far he is; and whoever turns away from Me, I approach him and call on him. Whoever leaves a sin for my sake, I reward him with many gifts and whoever seeks to please Me, I seek to please him. Whoever acknowledges My Will and Power in whatever he does, I make the iron bend for his sake. My dear people are those who are with Me (i.e. whoever would like to be with Me, let him supplicate to Me and remember Me). Whoever thanks Me, I grant him more blessings; whoever obeys Me, I raise him and endear him more. Whoever disobeys Me, I keep the doors of My Mercy open for him; if he returns to Me, I bestow him with My Love since I love those who repent and purify themselves for My Sake. If he does not repent, I still treat him by putting them in hardship to purify him.

Whoever favors Me over others, I favor them over others. I reward every single good deed ten times over or seven hundred times over to countless times over. I count every single bad deed as one unless the person repents and ask for My Forgiveness in which case I forgive even that one. I take into account any little good deed and I forgive even major sins. My Mercy supersedes My Anger; My Tolerance supersedes My Blame; My Forgiveness supersedes My Punishment as I am more merciful with My slaves than a mother with her child.” (Madarij As-Saalikeen by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziya)

I found this wonderful hadith qudsi at Imam Suhaib Webb's page. He is a very good imam mashallah. His cds on Mothers of the believers which I have listened during Ramadan was very inspiring, mashallah. May Allah swt reward him with the best of the both world, ameen.