Thursday, 17 December 2009

The new Hijri year 1431

All praise to Allah swt, tomorrow is going to be the start of new Hijri year 1431 Insha-Allah. Most times due to ignorance, we Muslims tend to miss the start of the Islamic New Year and are unfortunately more aware of 31st December and tend to celebrate this ‘happy new year’ more seriously. Alhamdulillah our new generation of Muslims are trying to learn more about Islam and Insha-Allah very soon, we Muslims will be able to celebrate the new Hijri year with the proper understanding. We need to remind each other of the significance of Islamic year Insha-Allah.

The other day, I found a very beautiful supplication in Zaytuna Institute journal ‘Seasons’. This is a very beautiful dua which someone can do at the end of the Hijri year.

It was mentioned in the book, The Treasure of Success and Felicity in the Supplications that expand the chests (Kanzun-Najah was-Surur), that if a person reads the following supplication three times at the end of the year, the Devil will say, “ We tired ourselves with him all year, and he ruined all that we have done in one moment.”

“ In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful and Allah swt bless our teacher Muhammad and his family and companions and grant them peace. O Allah , whatever actions I have committed this past year which have not pleased You, which I may have forgotten though You do not forget, while You are forbearing with me , though fully capable of punishing me, while You called me to relent and atone even after my audaciousness before You – O Allah, I surely seek Your forgiveness for that, so forgive me ! O Allah, as for my actions that have pleased You and for which recompense and forgiveness has been promised, please accept them from me. And do not dash my hopes in You, O Generous, O Most Merciful of the Merciful. And Allah, the Exalted, bless our Master Muhammad and his family and companions and grant them peace.” ( 3 times)

May Allah swt grant us a very blessed new Hijri year, ameen. May the next year be the year of seeking more knowledge of our beautiful faith and actions inspired by the knowledge acquired! May Allah swt accept our deeds and grant us Jannahtul Ferdous, ameen.

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