Saturday, 18 September 2010

Ramadan is gone :-(

I cannot beleive it! Just at the start fo Ramadan I was so excited about Ramadan and researching on how to get most out of this great month and now this beautiful month has already left us :-( In Ramadan everything becomes easier. I find it easy to concentrate on my prayers, supplications, recitation of the Quran, going through the meaning of the Qur'an etc. But as soon as the month is gone, life becomes hectic again. Trying to perform good deeds becomes a huge challange. I can feel the presence of Shayateen as well as the bad bits of my nafs. I miss Ramadan. O Allah please accept our humble deeds we tried to do just to please You, only You Insha-Allah. O Allah swt please grant us more and more blessed Ramadan insha-Allah. We all are sinful and without Your Grace and Mercy we will definitely be losers. Please help us to get closer to You insha-Allah and please grant us the oppurtunity to meet You at Jannatul Ferdous, Ameen!

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Hamid said...


thats really nice to read your thoughts and words.

May Allah make your affairs easy for you and bless your life.A'meen