Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Seen my baby today for the first time!

Alhamdulillah I had my first scan today. This was the anomaly scan which is done usually around the 20 weeks of pregnancy. I was quite excited but also worried thinking what if the baby is not healthy. But alhamdulillah baby is alright. As soon as I saw the baby I felt so glad looking at its tiny body and hearing the heartbeat alhamdulillah. The scan lasted for 15 minutes. The sonographer asked me at the end whether I have any question. I was tempted to ask the sex of the baby but thought I am glad that the baby is healthy so what more to ask, alhamdulillah. Moreover, my husband doesn’t want to know so I thought I will respect his wishes. I thought of finding it for myself and keep it a secret but my problem is I cannot keep a secret for a long time :-) 
Anyways, I bought the scan photo to keep it in my baby journal. I have kept all the scan photos, hospital tags, etc of my children. I have tried to write as much as possible in details about the whole experience and of course the labour as for me that’s the time I felt like I am on an emotional roller coaster and so many things were happening. During the last moment of labour, I feel how helpless I am and in need of help and mercy from Allah SWT!

For last couple of weeks I have feeling the movement of my baby. Mashallah it is a very wonderful feeling. Sometimes it feels so amazing that a tiny living being is floating in my tummy Subhanallah! Once upon a time nothing was there but through Allah SWT’s will this tiny being is growing inside me Subhanallah. It reminds me the verse in the Qur’an where Allah SWT says that once nobody knew about us and then through His will we came to existence and only through His mercy we have grown but unfortunately most of us feel that we are independent of Him and can do whatever we want without His help! May Allah SWT save us from being so arrogant to think like that and may Allah SWT help us to love Him more and get closer to Him, ameen!

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