Friday, 31 December 2010

Time flies …

Subhanallah time does fly so fast. It feels like just the other day I was at university and planning for my future. Now I am married and mother of two alhamdulillah. Insha-Allah in couple of months we will be blessed with another precious baby :-)

Every year is different. There are so many things to learn. This year has been quite a difficult one but it also has taught me a lot about myself and the people around me. I feel sad that time is passing so rapidly. It just shows how quickly we are getting closer to our end. I am scared but also hopeful that Insha-Allah Allah (SWT) will have mercy on me and my families and relatives and friends. When I see people celebrating the coming of a new year, I do feel confused. How can we be so happy and celebrating while our time is getting shorter. Or may be most of us are totally unaware of our departure. May Allah (SWT) help us in understanding the truth about life and death and the eternal life !

I hope and pray that year 2011 will be a very blessed year for all of us, insha-Allah. I hope with Allah’s (SWT) help we will strive to be better Muslims and help everyone in every way possible Insha-Allah.

 I have been thinking about my new year's resolution and not surprisingly thought of so many things to do next year insha-Allah. But I am not very sure that I will be able to acheive all the goals :-( But I am going to give it a try INSHA-ALLAH !

Insha-Allah 2011 resolutions....

1. Hope to be a better Muslimah by seeking knowledge of my deen and implement what I learn on a regular basis and spread the knowledge through my action and through writing at my blog and Facebook and Mum & Muslims e-magazine Insha-Allah.

2. Hope to be a better wife to my beloved husband, a better mother to my precious children , a better daughter to my beloved parents and a good daughter-in-law to my beloved mother-in-law, a better sister to my dearest siblings and brother-in-laws.

3. Hope to be a better relative and a better sister-in-deen for my precious friends Insha-Allah.

4. Enjoy life as much as possible and try to use my every minute in a more meaningful way insha-Allah.

5. Less complaining, moaning, nagging, arguing ...

6. Okay this one is very hard but I will try my best insha-Allah... NO BACKBITING! Need to remind myself that this is one of the major sins.

7. Eating healthy food and insha-Allah more exercise!

8. Hope to follow the sunnah of brushing my teeth with miswak, having one tea spoon of Black seed oil everyday.

9. Learning to drive INSHA-ALLAH :-)

10. Now comes the hardest one! TALKING LESS  &  LISTENING and READING and THINKING MORE !!!

I hope I will try my best Insha-Allah. Only with Allah's (SWT) help I can achieve my goals. O Allah (SWT)make this year a very prosperous one for all of us, AMEEN.

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