Wednesday, 23 March 2011

We just lost another beautiful sister

Inna lillahe wa inna ilaiher rajeuun. Certainly we belong to Allah swt and we are going to return to Him. I am so sad to share this news. Today in the morning one of our beloved sister in deen Aasia passed away. She was suffering from cancer. She has left her husband and three young children. Couple of months ago, the sisters in Redbridge area had formed a group to cook food for her family on a weekly basis so that she can have some rest. I came to know about her through the weekly circle I used to attend. She was such a lovely sister. I still have her text saved and now feeling so sad reading it. The feelings are so sad as you know that the person who sent you this text has left this world forever to meet her Creator. Whenever I asked her how she is feeling, she always praised Allah swt and never complained mashallah. May Allah swt reward her with jannatul ferdous and grant lots of patience and strength to her family and friends to go through this difficult time. Insha-Allah tomorrow is her janaza ( funeral) then she will be buried in Garden of peace. My friend Ferzanah who also died couple of years ago due to leukemia is also buried there. May Allah swt reward them with the best, amen. We really need to wake up and stop taking our life for granted. We don't know when is our turn. May Allah swt forgive us and make us better muslims, ameen. Please do make lots of duas for her and family.

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