Monday, 18 July 2011

The greatest women of Islam

Today I was listening to a talk given by Shaykh Tawfique Choudhury. Mashallah the talk was so inspiring! He talked about the greatest women Maryam (AS), Aasia (AS), Khadija (RAW), Fatema (RAW). All of them are mentioned in a hadith as the women who completed their faith (Iman), mashallah! The more I am knowing about them, the more I feel inspired to be like them, insha-Allah. He also mentioned the story of Ar-Rumaysa , another great woman, subhanallah. Mothers of great men like Al-Bukhari, Salahuddeen are also mentioned. Please do watch the video given below and spread the knowledge, fisabilillah!

We are living in an age, where we are obsessed with 'pretty' celebrities, desperately trying to look and behave like them. If we truely understand the greatness of the women of Islam, we will never find the women of this age so 'attractive' and worth following. May Allah swt help us in knowing more about the pious women and help us in follwing their footstep, Insha-Allah. May Allah swt make us the best of daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, muslimah of the ummah, Ameen!

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