Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29th February 2012

Four years ago, I was a mother of one tiny baby and now I am a busy mother of three kids just under 4 alhamdulillah. Life has changed a lot for me. Sometimes I do feel quite overwhelmed with all the chores. But Alhamdulillah I am happy to be an active mum J I hope things will get a bit easier when our children are grown up Insha-Allah. I have finally started taking my driving lessons and Alhamdulillah hope to drive soon Insha-Allah.

Four years ago, I just had a dream that I would like to start a family magazine which will cater for the Muslims  living in the West . Now alhamdulillah the magazine Aaila  is up and running, thanks to all our precious writers and readers. I have high hopes from the magazine. I hope and make sincere dua that Aaila becomes a household name Insha-Allah and benefit each and every person on this planet, ameen! I hope this project will be accepted as an ongoing charity from us by Allah subhana ta'ala, ameen!

Today I received a great news from one close friend. Alhamdulillah Allah subhana ta'ala has blessed them with a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Ayah, mashallah a beautiful name. May Allah subhana ta'ala bless her with a great life and make her one of the best muslimah, ameen!
Insha-Allah I am quite interested to read this post after four years, when Insha-Allah we will get another 29th February and ponder upon what changes took place in my life if I am still alive. I hope things will be good.... INSHA-ALLAH!

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