Monday, 5 March 2012

Everything is from Allah subhana ta'ala!

Bismillah... In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful

Sometimes I think how blessed I am , alhamdulillah. Allah subhana ta'ala has given me so much! Am I really grateful enough to Him? Through my action, do I really show Him my gratitude towards Him? I know that through showing Him our gratitude, He will give us more. Our beloved prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihe wa sallam taught us to make a special dua after every prayer saying, " O Allah, help me in remembering You, worship You and being grateful to You!".Insha-Allah I hope I can do my best to thank Him . Insha-Allah I hope to show my gratitude to my Rabb by raising my children as best of Muslims! Being a parent is not an easy job. Sometimes it does get quite challenging :-( but I try to keep reminding me that Insha-Allah I am a mother with a big purpose. I hope I will get reward from Allah subhana ta'ala for every moment of struggle I go through to raise our beautiful children, INSHA-ALLAH! Rabbana taqabbal minna...

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