Monday, 5 March 2012

Love of nursery rhymes....

My three kids love nursery rhymes. Almost every day Imi (4) and A'ish (3) love singing rhymes and Yosho (10 months) is more than happy to be the lucky audience! I have been doing rhymes since they were very young and I can see the improvement mashallah. Rhymes make communication easier for babies. It's a great way of spending some quality time with them. They have learnt quite a lot of new words through rhymes alhamdulillah. Imi has started nursery in September 2011 and has been learning more rhymes with activities. The nursery has given us a rhymes CD and on a weekly basis provide us with homework to practice whatever rhymes they are doing at the nursery. It's a good way of getting parents involved in childrens' education. I am a big fan of home education but yobo is not very keen of home education. So we have decided that Insha-Allah our kids will go to school but we will do our bit of teaching whenever we can. I have done my istikhara to ask Allah to guide to the right path and make our children have the best education insha-Allah. We have applied for the school we really want Imi to attend. Insha-Allah I am eagerly waiting for the result in April this year. I hope he can go to the best one insha-Allah or whatever else Allah subhana ta’ala decides for us. He is the best of planners and He knows everything.  
I am very aware of what Imi is learning at the nursery. Alhamdulillah the teacher and the assistants are very friendly. Sometimes it's quite difficult for me to do my prayers whenever I am outside. There is a mosque just in front of the nursery but they don't allow women in :-( It makes me so angry and annoyed but I hope Insha-Allah they will change their silly policy soon. Once I did try to pray there and one kind guy let me pray at the back of a house just attached to the mosque. I didn't really feel that safe being on my own with kids in an empty house. So I have stopped trying to get them to let me pray in the mosque. Once I asked the nursery if I can pray there and alhamdulillah they provided me with a room and mashallah with a prayer mat too! May Allah subhana ta'ala reward them for their kindness, ameen! Sometimes I see Muslims criticising people in the West but I strongly believe that most of them are very good and open-minded. Their characteristics are more like proper Muslims! We got lot to learn Insha-Allah.
Now, where was I?  I keep digressing :-(

Anyways, at the moment, the rhymes below are my kid's favourite...

Twinkle, twinkle little star
The wheels on the bus
Old Mac Donald
The grand old duke of York
Incy wincy spider
Baa baa black sheep
Row row row your boat
One two three four five
Round and round the garden
Ring a ring a roses
Humpty dumpty and the list goes on....

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