Monday, 15 July 2013

Ramadan Reflections: Day 6

Alhamdulillah 6th day of Ramadan is over now. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala accept our fast and enable us to enter Jannah tul Ferdous through the exclusive door of Ar-Rayyan (only reserved for the people who fast in Ramadan), ameen! ameen! ameeen!

Just before I write about my Ramadan Reflections, I want to remind myself that this reminder is first and foremost for myself inshAllah. Anything good I write is from my Rabb Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala and anything bad is only my fault. So please do forgive my shortcomings. 

Ramadan is a great month to purify our soul. The pure soul is the only way to get to the Garden (Jannah). One of the way to purify our soul to give sadaqa (charity). I have been watching almost everyday the charity appeals on TV. One of the best charity appeal I have seen is the Penny Appeal which deals with feeding poor people around the world. Feeding people is one of the best way of getting reward (azr) from our Rabb. MashAllah they are doing an excellent job. Please do have a look at their site and donate as much as possible. As the name suggests, every penny counts. How many of us spend lot more than a mere penny to get our tea/coffee or chicken and chips on a daily and weekly basis? Do we really have any excuse not to donate? 

We really need to understand that all the charity we do, we do it for our own sake. Allah subhana wa ta'ala does not need our charity. When we donate for His sake, we do it so that He purifies our nafs and our wealth. This is a great investment for our hereafter, the eternal life. On the day of Judgement, we won't be allowed to move until we tell Him how we spent our wealth ( given by Him). Every penny of it! Let us donate as much as possible. Don't make any excuse. Trust me, even if you think that you haven't got that much and you can only donate 1 pound, that is more that enough. Imagine every single of us donating 1 pound! That can make such a huge difference. Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala does not look at how much we donate but what we are willing to do for His Pleasure (Ridwaan). 

As lot of you know, our people in Syria are suffering. These people are our beloved brothers and sisters. Recently, a fatwa was issued by the scholars of Syria that the people who are at risk of starvation can eat cat and rat meat! Can you imagine eating cat and rat meat or even feeding them to our children? Here we are, Muslims in the West, having a feast at Iftar time. Our fridge is bursting with food. Sometimes we are even chucking the food as we are getting fresh food from our families and neighbours. We will be asked about all these numerous blessings. What are we doing to help our people in Syria? Let us do our best to help them. One great charity to support Syrian people is Syria Relief. Please do have a look at their site and donate generously. If we donate, we donate for pleasing our Lord. And we want our reward only from Him Subhanahu wa ta'ala. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala forgive us and enable us to do our best to help our brothers and sisters around the world, ameen! 

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