Monday, 5 August 2013

Ramadan Reflections: Day 27

Bismillah...In The Name of Allah Subahanahu wa ta'ala

Yesterday I was watching the Little Explorers show on Ramadan TV Sky 192. A young boy, Rayaan, aged 6 came to the show with his older sisters. He is very sick , suffering from a blood disorder . He is in desperate need of a bone-marrow donor. It was quite heart-breaking watching him. Subhanallah he still had a beautiful smile on his face. Even his beautiful sisters looked so happy and content. I just hope and pray that Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala bless him with shifa', ameen! 

The family has been working really hard to raise awareness and find a donor for him. They have been active through Facebook and other social media. 

"My name is Rayaan. I am 6 years old. I live with my mum, dad and two sisters. I enjoy playing with lego and cars. At the weekends I love to go swimming and karate. This summer I was looking forward to karate camp, but that won't be possible due to my developing a rare disease called HLH. This has made me very sick, and I am now unable to run around. Instead I have regular chemotherapy at Great Ormond Street Hospital. To get better I need a bone marrow match. Can you help me to get better? You can find out whether you can be a match through this link here."

There is huge shortage of Asian donors. I remember there was a sister called , Najma Ghani, who died last year. She was suffering from cancer. She was campaigning to raise awareness of this issue. We , the people who are of Asian origins, really need to come forward and register to be the potential donors inshAllah. 
Please do not let any excuse stop you from registering. The procedure is very simple. Visit the link here:  Delete Blood Cancer 

In our faith, helping others is highly encouraged. One of my favourite hadith in this regard is: "The most beloved of people to Allah are those that are the most beneficial to the people. The most beloved of deeds is that which brings happiness to a fellow Muslim, or to relieve him of a hardship, or to settle one of his debts, or to repel hunger from him. To go and fulfill one of the needs of my fellow Muslim is more beloved to me than to seclude (itikaaf) myself in al-masjid al-nabawi for an entire month." - The Prophet Mohammad SAllallahu Alaihe Wa Sallam.

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