Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas dilemma

"Dear kids,

There is no Santa. Those presents are from your parents.
I spotted this status at one of my Facebook friend’s profle and it just made me smile. Because of Christmas , the children programmes on tv are predominantly geared around the Christmas themes i.e Father Christmass, Christmass tree, lights, garlands, holly etc. My children are very young and they may not really understand the programmes they are watching. But I do feel worried sometimes thinking what if these programmes leave a lasting impression on their mind. Insha-Allah I am waiting for them to grow a bit older so that I can start explainig to them what we as Muslims believe. I don’t really want them to stop watching tv as that will not really solve the problem. They are more likely to grow up in this society so eventually they will come across all the different norms and values. I believe whatever they are experiancing in their life is part of the learning process. I hope as parents we will be able to raise them as balanced human being who will understand the differences and insha-Allah will lead their lives as good Muslims.

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