Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bad Trendsetters by br. Nouman Ali Khan

Entitled, "Bad Trendsetters", this thought-provoking lecture is by mashAllah the highly-intellectual and articulate brother Nouman Ali Khan. May Allah reward him for his brilliant efforts, masha Allah! His style of lecture is quite commendable, his analogies and comparisons made to today's lifestyle is usually spot on! His reminders may drive some up the wall, but it is totally necessary to teach many of today's (culture-based) Muslims who may have been brought up in a wrong way or two. Everyone needs to be reminded constantly that Islam is such a beautiful, simple yet complete religion and way of life. It is perhaps time to shake off those terrible traditions and cultures that one may have been burdened with all one's life!

Alhamdulillah, Victorian Muslimah has successfully added English subtitles to this video, which is adapted from the video first uploaded by NAKcollection's Youtube Channel. Its original form has been put together by the Islamic Institute of Orange County (IIOC), at Masjid Omar Al Farouk, Anaheim, California, USA. Jazakallahu khair for everyone who contributed to the making of the original video. Now with subtitles, this video is specially dedicated to those who are hearing-impaired, who are new to English, new to Islam or just wanting English subtitles to learn better and more effectively, insha Allah.

Bad Trendsetters Part 1

Bad Trendsetters Part 2

Bad Trendsetters Part 3

Bad Trendsetters Part 4

Mashallah these four videos are one of the best set of videos I have watched. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala reward brother Nouman for his great work, ameen, ameen, ameen! He talked about two different sorts of people; the trendsetters and the trend-followers. I think most of us belong to the trend-followers category. Although he talked about our kids being the potential trend-followers, we adults are also , more or less, guilty of being among the trend-followers. Unfortunately, every single day we are facing societal pressure in various form to follow the trends around us. Living in an age of technology , it's so difficult not to notice all the trends :-( and get deceived by them and also people in the form of family and friends are always there to influence you to follow the trends. As a parent , it is a very daunting job for me to save my children from all the bad influences but I fear that as an adult myself, I have to , first and foremost, save myself from following the blind culture or tradition and be a role-model for my kids. THAT IS NOT AN EASY JOB :'-( Even being at home as full time mother and trying to spend lots of time with my kids, they can get influenced by society thanks to TV, Internet and so on. We have to be very careful and always talk to our children, explaining them why certain things are not appropriate. My children are still very young so alhamdulillah they do listen and understand us. But I am worried when they hit the scary teenage years when peer pressure will be there to haunt them :-( I hope and make dua that we can do our best to raise our children as confident and Allah conscious kids INSHA-ALLAH. Everyone need to listen to these awesome videos and prepare for the best insha-Allah. May Allah subhan wa ta'ala give us the tawfique ( ability) to follow our father Ibrahim Alaihis salam and be the best of Muslims, Ameen!

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